Companies come to Oasis Sales and Marketing for a variety of reasons:

  • Established companies entering the Natural Foods trade tap our expertise in this growth industry.
  • Successful Natural Food companies prefer to leave sales and marketing duties to us, a dedicated staff of experts.
  • Companies distributed regionally hire us to guide them into national distribution.
  • Start-up companies rely on our expertise to successfully launch new products.

Clients stay with Oasis Sales and Marketing for one important reason:

We get results! For much less than the cost of an in-house national sales manager, we offer a half-century of combined sales and marketing experience and a thorough understanding of this industry. We have a proven record of success — we’re proud of our long-lasting relationships with some of the best companies in the Natural Products trade. Our clients are satisfied long-term customers who are grown into national prominence.

What we do:

Oasis functions as your national sales manager, your marketing department, or as an expert advisor. Let us handle some or all of your sales and marketing needs, or use us for special projects, expansions, new product launches and special promotions.

Areas of expertise include a comprehensive range of services:

  • Broker network establishment and management
  • Promotional program design and implementation
  • Package design and marketing materials
  • Budget development and pricing strategies
  • Strong relationships with key retail buyers and distributor networks nationwide

Our extensive industry knowledge lets us effectively educate the trade and consumer about your product.

As an Oasis client, you benefit from our extensive contacts and positive business relationships. We have close working relationships with national category managers at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, NCG (National Coop Grocers), and with virtually all buyers and top brokerage companies. We work with every major natural food distributor buyer, including United Natural Foods (UNFI) and KeHE, on a regular basis. As natural products are now widely found in the conventional grocery sector, we also work closely with specialty distributors and major chains, both nationally and regionally. And we manage the best teams of broker representatives across the country.

We understand the natural products trade, as well as the health-conscious consumer. We have developed successful strategies for increasing sales in this unique, information-driven industry.