We offer nearly 75 years of combined sales and marketing experience and a thorough understanding of this industry.

Ned Alpert, Brand Manager

Ned Alpert
Brand Manager

With nearly a quarter-century career at Oasis as Brand Manager, Ned is able to combine the knowledge he has gained on-the-job with a long history of customer service, manufacturing production, retail sales, and logistics. He adds a lot of value and has a great deal of experience to offer to our clients as well as his colleagues.

Justin Mears, Brand Manager

Justin Mears
Brand Manager

Justin has managed sales processes and downstream teams in the natural/specialty channel as well as mainline supermarket and grocery for almost a decade. He specializes in aiding small, challenger brands in their efforts to get on the shelf and maintain their position through efficient and purposeful broker, distributor and key account oversight.

Leslie Allen, Brand Manager

Leslie Allen
Brand Manager

Leslie has been with Oasis since 2005. She started in a sales support role and has evolved into an associate brand manager. Having worn many hats in the company, Leslie has gained the tools to help clients navigate through all the steps involved in launching a brand from beginning to end. From assisting clients with broker, retailer and distributor communication, to sales analysis, promotional planning and more, she is committed to getting to know the brands she manages and helping them succeed. Leslie’s contagious personality and positive outlook on life makes her a joy to work with.

Sarah Templeton, Associate Brand Manager

Sarah Templeton
Associate Brand Manager

Sarah comes to Oasis after having worked for a startup in the natural foods industry and previously in supply chain and logistics. With her eclectic background, she understands the importance of laying the groundwork and the attention to detail involved in contributing to a brand’s success. Sarah gets a lot of her inspiration from her Boulder, Colorado roots and enjoys giving back to her local community.

Ross Schold, Executive Vice President

Ross Schold
Executive Vice President

Over an 18 year career in the food industry Ross has held leadership positions in Centralized Purchasing and Brand Development along with extensive experience in Executive Sales Management. A combination of strong relationships and experience in both the broadline and retail distribution channels allows Ross to understand key factors related to strategic planning and brand management.

Greg Hartman, Founder

Greg Hartman
Founder (5/31/1949 – 12/7/2019)

Greg established Oasis Sales and Marketing in 1992 after many years of in-house sales and marketing work for major natural products companies. He grew the company into one of the industry’s premier Brand Management firms. Greg won the prestigious Cliff Adler Award for “Heart in Business” in 2003.